Training Information

Exploring Together training is suitable for professionals with backgrounds in psychology, social work, teaching or welfare. Training is 1 or 2 days depending on the program chosen.
(see table below)..

Organising Exploring Together workshops in your area:

If you are interested in having us come to you to conduct training in any of the Exploring Together programs:
• Discuss the program with colleagues and other professionals in your area (schools and community agencies often work together to conduct these programs)
• Contact the Exploring Together office if you would like any further information to distribute to colleagues and other professionals about the programs and training

Training is suitable for professionals with backgrounds in psychology, social work, teaching or welfare
• A minimum of 10 people (maximum 30) is required to conduct training
• Contact us to organise date/s

• Training is available throughout Australia
• Training costs are $220/person/day in Melbourne metropolitan area

Victorian regional areas and interstate trainings have additional costs of travel and accommodation


Length of training

Total cost of training / person

Cost of program manual

Multigroup Exploring Together
  • Preschool Program*
  • Primary School Program*
*These trainings also qualify professionals to conduct the respective Confident Kids and Together Parenting programs
2 days
Multigroup Exploring Together
  • Adolescent program
2 days
Confident Kids
  • Preschool/early primary program
  • Primary School program
1 day
Together Parenting
1 day

PACT Program

(for adolescents and their parents)

1 day

Program manuals consist of detailed information to conduct each session of the program

*The training costs also cover ongoing phone consultations post training
There is a minimum of 10 participants (or equivalent cost) for interstate workshops

Workshops with 15 or more participants require two trainers so costs below would be doubled as relevant.

Additional costs per trainer for interstate workshops:

• Return airfare from Melbourne airport
• Taxi fares to and from Melbourne airport ($150 total/trainer)
• Transport from airport to accommodation
• Transport from accommodation to training venue
• 2 nights’ accommodation (or 3 if necessary for interstate rural venues)
• $50/ hour travel time

Room requirements:

• Computer and data projector
• Whiteboard
• One room large to accommodate movement of tables etc to the edges of the room and have enough space for all participants to sit on chairs in a circle for specific activities.

Please contact us to discuss your training needs further



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