Conflict resolution skills -
once you've learnt them, you can use them in any situation



Secondary school staff and other professionals working with parents and adolescents can learn this effective model of conflict resolution. Once learned, these skills can be used for resolving conflict and solving problems with individuals or larger groups.

Over the past 10 years, this model has been shown to improve relationships between students, staff and parents.

In today’s climate of international unrest it is more important than ever that we teach young people and families effective ways of resolving conflict as alternatives to fighting. We are pleased to offer your school or agency the opportunity to train staff to teach conflict resolution skills to adolescents and their parents in this program from the award winning Exploring Together Team.


Parents and Adolescents Communicating Together (PACT)
A program for adolescents and parents to learn skills for
problem solving and strengthening relationships.

The PACT Program is a 4-session group program for adolescents and their parents. The program is designed to be run in secondary schools for families who wish to learn more effective techniques for problem solving, conflict resolution, and improving relationships. It comprises two classroom sessions (double period each) with up to 25 adolescents, one evening with their parents only, and one combined parent-adolescent evening. The program is conducted with 2 leaders.


Training Workshops

Professionals with a background in psychology, social work, teaching or counselling can be trained to conduct this program at their own school. Training consists of a 1day workshop (9 – 4.30pm). For further information see PACT, information for professionals.

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